Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?


Do you see your stomach and you think “it’s too big”

Do you see your curves and think “I am fat”

Do you see your nose and think “ I am not beautiful”

Do you see all the parts of you that you decided you don’t like, or make you lesser then and maybe even unlovable?

Sounds harsh, I know, sometimes being honest with ourselves hurts. 

But the truth is in order to change the way you see yourself when you look in the mirror, you’ve got to be willing to be honest with yourself and start to acknowledge the shame you hold onto, the trauma that sits deep and the hurtful stories that have become the life you live. 

Because it’s the only way to surrender them, let them go and choose a new path forward. 

One that has you feel seen, loved, whole and beautiful as you ARE, no matter what reflection you see in that mirror.


We all look in the mirror every single day. But for most of us curvaceous women, this simple question trips us up.

Are you wondering WHY?

It’s because shaming ourselves has become second nature to us.

I mean, think about it for just a moment…

How many times are you looking for your flaws instead of looking for things you love about yourself?

How many times, do you unintentionally fester and sit feeling ashamed about something instead of meeting yourself with compassion and kindness?

I get it! I feel like we ALL get it…

It’s uncomfortable to think about. And by becoming aware of what came up for you, you have an opportunity to make a powerful decision

What are you going to do about this awareness?

What are you going to do about the clarity you now have? 

Are you going to pretend it’s all fine, or are you actually going to do something about it?

Honestly, most women will brush off this moment and go on with their day, hiding their feelings of not enoughness, the shame, the insecurity behind an extra layer of makeup or that oversized hoodie that hides their curves. 

But not you…I SEE you.

You’re not like MOST curvaceous women. 

Because You already KNOW that you are done with holding onto shame, you are done with feeling not enough, you are tired of hiding and pretending.

You want to feel beautiful.

You want to feel loved.

You want to feel like you belong and live your life in a way that FEELS liberating.

And I want you to know that not only do you deserve this, but you get to have it.

But it will require you to DO something about it.

How about we walk this journey together?


Inside, Courageously Embodied, I will support you to rewire your thoughts and beliefs so you are able to love yourself through the ebs & flows of life and embody your unconditional worth every single day.
So that next time you look into the mirror and ask yourself that question, all you see is YOU.
A beautiful, empowered, radiant, confident and sovereign woman.

Courageously Embodied is for you if you are a curvaceous woman who…...

  • Pretends that she loves herself, but doesn’t treat herself the best

  •  Shames herself and her body for not being good enough

  •  Feels exhausted by fitting into other people’s molds and expectations

  •  Is tired of just “getting by” in life and desires to thrive

  •  Doesn’t feel worthy enough as she is today

You desire to...

Love all of what you see when you look in that mirror and all of what’s beneath, curves and all

Drop your people pleasing ways and make empowered and aligned choices that serve you with ease and confidence

Be yourself unapologetically and own it without battling the constant negative self-talk and judgment

Love yourself through the ebs & flows of life and Embody your unconditional worth every day

Amplify your level of self-trust and confidence so you can go after what you want instead of settling for less

Be who you are without censoring yourself and live in a way that has you feeling fulfilled, joyful, liberated and blissed out


At the end of our time together, you will:

  • Have the tools to create deep self awareness and tap into new empowered beliefs that support you to live the life you want and achieve your goals 

  •  Deep clarity on your vision and how to get what you want 

  •  The Knowledge to transform the stories and beliefs that have been holding you back so you can always move forward with confidence no matter what life throws at you

  •  Practices to help you stay accountable and persistent

  •  The Understanding of the Sovereignty Self Process to maintain your Embodiment journey and stand in your with unconditionally

Changing not just WHAT we see but WHO we see when we look in the mirror, requires us to take a deep dive and look at all of it, the things that are working, the things that don’t, the things that slow us down and the things that move us forward. This process may not always feel comfortable, but it’s at the end of our comfort zone that true transformation and lasting change happens.


Through the 4 or 8 months that we will work together, we will have private bi-weekly coaching sessions to deep dive into your life and do the work to move you to courageously embody all of who you are.

Some of the conversations we will dive into:

How to break your cycle of shame

How to stand in your worth regardless of the circumstances

How to detach meaning from your choices

Create and honor your boundaries

Create and Embody your Queen standard

Celebrate wins, milestones, and to practice self-acknowledgement

And any other conversations that will support your transformation and growth

$3,000 for 4 months


$6,000 for 8 months

Payment plans available as low as $500 per month.

To get started, click below to schedule a CALL with me and let's talk about what's next for you.


Hi, I'm Kari Rae, your guide throughout Courageously Embodied.


I cannot tell you how many times I wanted my life to feel and be a certain way, or how I desired to feel differently about myself and my body.

After countless years of judging myself, my body, and my actions, I realized the best thing I could do was not only become aware of the resistance that I am creating in my life, but to slow down and stop judging myself for what was.

We all know divine timing is real, so why is it so hard for us to surrender and allow what is to be okay AND to be seen. It's hard for us to see this correlation because we were programmed to judge and criticize ourselves ALL THE TIME.

Let's be honest, judging ourselves all the time is exhausting and is not what we deserve every hour of every day. Do you agree?

I discovered that the true freedom, real peace, and assurance comes from surrendering into what is and knowing that we can choose how to show up and live life differently from that moment on.

And before you know it, the resistance that you created, melts away, and the path before is clear and shifts from possible to probable. 

Not only can we heal our pain and let go of the stories that are no longer serving us, we can Embody stories and new ways of being that align with who we want to be and what we desire to experience, no matter what we see in the mirror.

Welcome to Courageously Embodied and say hello to your unconditionally worthy, empowered, & beloved self.